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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri


The weather’s been great for strawberries in New Zealand and it is also great for eating or drinking them!

This afternoon has been another stunning day in Auckland, light breeze, cloudless sky, perfect for an evening drink on the deck, perfect for a Daiquiri.

Daiquiri’s actually evolved from the drink that sailors were ’served’ on ships in the 1700’s, a mixture of rum and lime juice – lime to fight scurvy. During the 1940’s with drink like whisky and vodka not being available during the war, rum became acceptable, and indeed fashionable and Daiquiri’s became the cocktail of choice. 

Here’s my version of a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. 

  • 6 large hulled strawberries
  • two hand-fulls of ice cubes
  • 9 parts Bacardi White Rum
  • 3 parts Rose’s Lime Cordial
  1. Put all ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth
  2. Serve in a cocktail glass
  3. Drink in the sun…. yum!

Serves 4 martini glasses. I had to pinch a photo off the net since ours didn’t last long enough to get the camera out! the real thing is more of a pale pink than the colour in this photo.


More strawberry recipes to follow. 

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  1. fresh and tasty! I love daiquiry … and strawberries… thanks for teh recipe! Marina

    December 11, 2008

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