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Patisseries in Paris

It has been a few weeks since I posted a Blog and I apologies for my lazyness but I haven’t been idle, on the contrary I have been hard at work sampling what Paris’ patisseries have to offer and I did my best to photograph several things before they were consumed. It was a hard task, I had to do most of it myself since P would rather sample all the French cheeses than pastries and cakes.

ladureeParis was devine, we fell in love with the city immediately, even though it was rather daunting, the size, the noise, the volume of people compared to our quiet New Zealand. We picked a place as central as possible in the quarter of Les Halles which use to be the original market area of Paris. The two main streets Rue Monmartre and Rue Montorgueil where full of cafes, patisseries, boucheries, fromageries, boulangeries snd the most amazing catering equipment store dating back to 1800, I was in heaven! Thankfully I had learnt some French prior to our trip so I could get about easier in the ‘non tourist’ areas and shops and the Parisiens were incredibly helpful and friendly if you got tongue tied.

Since I had read so much about the famous Laduree on Rue St. Honore, I was determined to visit the store and what a pleasure it was to see all the multi coloured and flavoured macarons amongst other delights. I was brave and queued for 10 minutes rehersing my order in French, I had decided on a ‘boite de arabesque’. The flavours were amazing, liquorice, orange blossom, cassis, chocolate, toffee, pistachio, lemon, rasberry. I savoured every bite and wanted to eat them all over again but there was so many other patissseries to visit!

strohre2Staying just off Rue Montorgeuil (metro Les Halles) meant that we were lucky enough to pass by Stohrer which is one of Paris oldest patisseries founded in 1730. Two of their famous recipes, puits d’amour and baba au ruhm were favourites of Louis XV. I tried the puits d’amour and a charlotte rousse both of which were amazing. The diplay cabinet, like all the top patisseries was a picture box with the most perfectly hand shaped cakes to offer, I wondered how I was ever going to leave Paris and it’s sweet delights but at least it had given me inspiration and ideas to take home with me.

cake-au-apnOne of our favouite boulangeries for breakfast was Au Panetier off Rue Des Petits Peres (metro Sentier). It wasn’t very easy to find tucked away in a small square in Paris’ second quarter but well worth discovering and taking a detore to a second morning! Here we discovered their pain au chocolate blanc, a lovely sweet bread roll with chunks of white choclate through it. It was also very inexpensive and they served cafe creme together with the pain au chocolate for only 3.20 Euros, probably the cheapest breakfast in central Paris. The interior of the boulangerie had beautifully tiled and mosaic ceilings dating back to 1896.


We visited several more patisseries but these are the few I managed to capture on camera and of course I did expose myself to other cultural sites in Paris too!

This week is the big day so I won’t post till the weekend again bt hopefully have some pictures of my cupcake tower.

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  1. Oh gosh, you’re so lucky!!!
    what a lovely sampling, what a delicious array!!!!
    You’ve done a marvelous job photographing them 🙂

    July 14, 2009

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