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Bread Baker Apprentice & the beginning of a Sour Dough

I think I might be a bit slow to acquire this book, it has  been published for three years already but it is only in the last six months that I have come across it on the many blog touring journeys I have been on. What attracted me to the book was Peter Reinharts step by step instructions on creating a sour dough culture from scratch and feeding it for ‘ever’ I suppose, creating fresh bread each week. It came to me as a Christmas gift tis year, one I am truly grateful for.

Before I lived in Germany I ate only white bread and had a bit of a culture shock to find that not only was there a limit on white bread loaves but also all the other breads were like ‘bricks’ as we called them! How uneducated was this Northern lass? It wasn’t long though before I acquired a taste for the rye bread and sour dough breads and was chomping them down like a true local with a Bratwurst slapped in between two slices. They are the two things I miss the most from German cuisine, bread and sausages (ah, and the Apflewein Keipe Zur Sonne but that’s another story), since I have been able to bake all the sweet delights but yet to make bread & sausages but this is where my quest for them begins…I hope!. Although the artisan breads are becoming more popular in New Zealand, and we have a fine bakery in Kumeu, I would like them, dare I say it, a bit more solid and perhaps with a scattering of caraway seeds.

The book is fabulous, with lots of detailed instructions, descriptions, stories of Peter’s experiences and the science behind bread making. It is a big book, with lots to read and plenty of recipes using yeast or a self produced starter culture. My first batch of sour dough culture unfortunately failed and I threw it away, my second batch is beginning day three out of five, but I was having doubts about its performance so I searched for Peter Reinhart’s website and found it with lots of helpful tips on ‘issues’ with sour dough so I feel I am armed to succeed this time. I will keep you posted on the dough baby growing in my kitchen.

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  1. P.R. does an excellent job of explaining; his books are some of my favorites, especially, BBA. I am forever indepted to him for ‘teaching’ this old lady how to create something from so few ingredients.

    You website is beautiful. Do you do all of your own photography? I LOVE it!

    January 6, 2010
    • peasepudding #

      Thanks for your compliments, yes I do all my own photography, it has taken year to improve to where I am now and there are still so many things to learn. You can see the progress in my photos if you look at my first posts.

      January 8, 2010
  2. Good luck, would love to see the results!

    January 7, 2010

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