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Date, Walnut & Orange Blossom Moroccan Inspired Treats


I love dates and have been wanting to make this Moroccan style ‘candy’ for a while. It’s not that it is even difficult or time consuming to make, quite the opposite but I always seem to get side tracked by another dish. I used our monthly Sweet New Zealand event as the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. It’s really just a matter of roasting the walnuts, softening the dates and pressing it into a pan. No Baking, no sugar added, no flour added, no dairy either so one could almost claim it to be rather healthy if you weren’t too concerned about all that fructose in the dates.

So here’s my submission for Octobers Sweet NZ, hosted this month by Sue Couscous & Consciousness who will offer a round up of all the entries at the end of the month, so do pop over to her blog.

600g Pitted Dates
70g Walnuts
1tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp orange blossom water
1 tsp ground cardamon

Place the walnuts in a dry frying pan over a medium heat and roast for a few minutes, shaking the pan to roast both sides. They should brown but not burn. You can do this in an oven too but if I’m not using the oven I don’t like to heat it up just to roast nuts.
Place the dates and 1/4 cup water, cardamon and orange blossom water in a pan over a low heat and simmer until the dates are all soft and the water is absorbed.
Line a 20cm square cake tin with baking paper.
Press half the dates into the base of the tin.
Cover with the walnuts and then press the other half of the dates over the walnuts.
Cover the top layer of dates with sesame seeds.
Place in the fridge to chill then cut into small diamond shapes to serve.


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  1. That is perfect. Just perfect. I am on a no flour no sugar diet this month so it is almost as though this was made for me! Why thank you! c

    October 17, 2011
  2. That is one thing I will try asap! There is a similar cake with figs and almond that I want to try making at home and I bet the process is the same without the orange water and the cardamom. YUM!

    Thanks you!

    October 17, 2011
  3. Those look decadent!

    October 17, 2011
  4. Everything you do I love! I’ve just bought some new tea and really fancy a little one of these to go with it, why are you so far away!!

    October 17, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      I’m sure we will get to meet one day, whether in NZ or Spain and have a great cook up!

      October 17, 2011
  5. Super yummy, and suitable for vegans too 🙂 Love to try these ones, great entry for Sweet NZ!


    October 18, 2011
  6. I never knew you can make something good like that without baking, sugar or even flour. I will so do this as soon as I can, looks so delicious.

    October 18, 2011
  7. mairi29 #

    So fragrant & exotic…and not even any baking….wonderful Alli. 🙂

    October 21, 2011
  8. This is a great treat, Alli – I love dates, so I definitely have to give this a try. Love the no added flour, sugar, no baking. This is seriously health food in my estimation.

    Thanks so much for sharing with Sweet New Zealand.

    Sue xo

    October 24, 2011
  9. I love the culture of Morocco. I fall in love over and over again with their fashion styles most especially their wedding costumes. I want to someday roam around their markets and shop, shop, shop! It is high time I fall in love with Moroccan cuisine too. I may just start with their sweet treats. 🙂

    October 27, 2011
  10. This is a fabulous treat! I love dates!

    October 27, 2011
  11. Wow . I am so impressed with this dessert. I love cardamom and orange blosssom and both in one healthy dessert, sounds like a winner to me. Can’t wait to try it.

    October 30, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      I hope you enjoy it, with a friend who is both gluten and dairy free I am trying to make more suitable desserts for him.

      November 2, 2011
  12. Cool recipe! I have dates but no walnuts. I wonder if cashews would be ok?

    November 2, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      You could try it, I think it would work best with walnuts or hazelnuts though as they are not ‘creamy’ like cashews

      November 4, 2011

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