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Friday Refreshments of Velvet Berry Tea & Rum Slushy


After seeing Bron’s post on Lemon Gin slushy I have been dying to make a similar refreshment for Friday night wind down drinkies. I had already frozen a velvet berry fruit tea from TEZA intending to make a sorbet from it but thought the slushy was more appealing at the end of a week of work. The bottles of TEZA tea which we received in our goodie bags at the food bloggers conference last week, as well as being a refreshing drink made for a quick versatile option as a slushy. Nothing wrong with a little cheating by introducing short cuts when you have busy life don’t you think? I used the Teza velvet berry but I have already got my eye on the feijoa and lime blossom tea next.

I also used some of Bron’s photography tips from her presentation at the conference of light diffusion, ‘leading lines’ and colour complimenting to shoot this shot. Thanks Brons, I am really happy with the results of what I have learnt and have new things to practise.

This drinkie is dedicated to Bron and a new friendship forged over the conference weekend, I hope to share a few together in the future.

Ingredients – makes 2
325ml Teza tea, frozen
2 shots of white rum
a few leaves of mint

In a blender, blitz the frozen tea on the ‘slushy’ setting.
Scoop into glasses and top with rum.
Garnish with a few mint leaves.

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  1. I’m just about to go out for drinks and I must say this is jump-starting my appetite. The Teza teas sound lovely, such pretty flavours!

    November 18, 2011
  2. That looks really exquisite!



    November 18, 2011
  3. I love making cocktails with tea, my latest one is a Pink Hibiscus Flirtini. There was a double page article about tea cocktails in The Independent a few weeks ago. Seems like it’s a step up from Afternoon Tea, perfect for a Friday methinks!!

    November 18, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      Hibiscus Flirtinis sound fantastic, I tried to maked Hibiscus flowers in syrup one year but I don’t think we have the correct flower here. Have you ever seen them in jars over there?

      November 18, 2011
  4. Oh, and I love the picture, the umbrella is really cute!

    November 18, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      Very kitch hey but I couldn’t resist when I found it with the cocktail stirrers in the cupboard

      November 18, 2011
  5. I’m not familiar with this tea, but rum slushy? Count me in.

    November 18, 2011
  6. Looks delicious – I cant wait to be able to keep add the alcohol back to my drinks LOL.
    Great to meet you at the NZFBC.
    Vanessa and Ingrid (The preggy ones!)

    November 18, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      How could I forget you two :0) love you Christmas wontons by the way.

      November 18, 2011
  7. Oh yum yes please!! And how sweet that you are dedicating this to Bron, she was very informative and generous in sharing all of those photographic tips :-). And she is a lovely lady!

    Those Teza teas are really nice, my kids looooved the mango one!!!


    November 18, 2011
  8. That tea was scrumptious – I shall most definitely be seeking them out for more. This is a wonderful idea which I think I shall use at an upcoming Afternoon Tea celebration I am hosting for a work client.

    November 18, 2011
  9. Aaaw Alli, you are so sweet. I’m feeling a bit speechless, kinda unusual for me! 😉
    We will definitely be sharing some of these in the future, hoping I can find Teza down here, really enjoyed the Mandarin one, so can’t wait to try more of the flavours.

    November 18, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      Your welcome, your workshop was inspirational as are your photos so I’m going keep practicing

      November 24, 2011
  10. Brrr! I live in Vancouver and we just got our first snow of the season last night — this lovely concoction looks a little chilly for the time being, but I’ve got it bookmarked for when it’s sun season again (which might be a while, since I live in, y’know, Canada, but WINTER ALWAYS ENDS EVENTUALLY)! 😉

    November 18, 2011
  11. This is perfect specially its getting warm here in Auckland.

    November 20, 2011
  12. mairi29 #

    Oh that sounds lovely! And love the photo too 🙂

    November 21, 2011
  13. beautiful photos – and the drink looks delicious

    November 22, 2011
  14. Even on a chilly day that looks wonderful…great shot 🙂

    November 22, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      Thanks for the compliments on the pic, just got to keep on practicing

      November 24, 2011
  15. Can you only have this on Friday then? 🙂 I got the Ginger and Mango flavoured (I think) Teza and I bet that would make a lovely slushy with maybe some coconut rum.

    November 23, 2011
    • peasepudding #

      I have some ginger syrup freezing right now so I reckon your ginger and mango would be great, with vodka and maybe a ginger beer? I definitely need one by Friday but no please feel free to try them any time.. Not that I am encouraging consumption ;0)

      November 23, 2011
  16. Mary Peters #

    Wonderful offerings you have. Those fruity concoctions have my mouth watering. Thank you ~

    February 10, 2012

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