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Liebster Blog Award


The Liebster Blog Award was given to me by RaeDi at Hummingbird Hollow who not only invites us into her kitchen sharing her weekly recipes but also into her garden via beautiful pictures of daily goings on and yes, pictures of the visiting Hummingbirds that you really should see.

The rules of the Liebster Award are:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed (see below)
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

When you follow many blogs as I do, it’s always hard to choose which you would like to pass the award onto, I have picked a few of the blogs I have followed for a while as well as new blogs to me, avoiding my Kiwi blogging community as that would be too difficult to choose from. I’m not even sure the ones I have picked all fit category 5, it’s difficult to tell with no visible stats on this so I’m not going to be too pedantic on that one.

1. I have been following for quite a while, I love the combination of a Scot living in London combining influences of food and culture from previous places lived in Like Scandinavian, Germany and Belgium.

2 & 3. and, two of my favourite Spanish food bloggers, although both originating from the UK. I love to see what they are eating and experiencing in Spain and wish I could join them one summer on the food explorations.

4. And so you don’t think I follow purely food blogs only here is Kirsten who has amusing tales from her garden. who is a New Yorker turned ‘life style blogger’ in NZ who has the most disobedient chickens around.

5. is the only other Liverpudlian blogger I know so I am quite fond of this blog which keeps me in touch with food trends from my hometown.

Please do take the time to check out what these wonderful bloggers are up to today!


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  1. congrats on your award, hope you are having a fab beach day!! c

    February 28, 2012
    • peasepudding #

      No beach today but I do have a long weekend starting tomorrow till next Tue and we are heading ‘Up North’, I haven’t been up there much so really looking forward to it.

      February 28, 2012
  2. Congrats on the award!



    February 28, 2012
  3. You more than deserve this award and I cannot thank you enough for the kind words you have said! You are so sweet! I am so glad that we are getting to know each other! Best of day to you dear!

    February 28, 2012
  4. Congrats to you on the award – very much deserved. And thank you too for nominating me!

    February 28, 2012
  5. Thank you Ali!

    February 28, 2012
  6. Congrats, these are hard to do. The picking part. You did good.

    February 28, 2012
  7. Louise #

    congratulations, well deserved !

    February 28, 2012
  8. Congrats on the award 🙂

    March 11, 2012

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