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Cruffin Crazy


I’d hear all about the cruffin craze in San Francisco and Melbourne but there’s not been even a murmur here in New Zealand about them. So, what’s does a bakery owner do? Make them of course, I’d be crazy not to introduce them wouldn’t I?

We already make croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisin so how hard could they be? After a few weeks testing with shapes, various muffin pans and sampling the goods. Last week was our first launch of a cruffin, chocolate orange custard filled. And what a crazy Saturday morning it was after an introduction to them on our local community social media pages. No sooner had we opened the doors at 7am, people were coming in to buy them. I’d made what I thought was a lot, 48 cruffins. 24 for the shop and 24 for our market stall at Hobsonville Point. We’ll they didn’t make it to market, we’d sold out of all 48 by 8.30am.

This weeks flavour will be lemon curd & honeycomb, both at the shop and the market.

There are various recipes on the internet if you google cruffin recipe. To be honest after two years non blogging I’m to lazy to write up a recipe from my scrawly kitchen notes. It’s the croissant dough that is a bit time consuming, but you can always pop into see us at Gourmet Gannet if you are local in Auckland 😜


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