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Crisp Apple Tarts


The Gourmet Gannet will be selling these crisp apple tarts at Hobsonville Point Farmers Market this Sunday (and every Sunday) if you haven’t time to make your own sweet treats this weekend. We will also have Traditional Handmade English Pork Pies, Cornish Pasties, Cheese & Paprika Twists, Chocolate Almond Twists. Lots of yummy vegetarian tarts topped with things like field mushrooms & halloumi or roast vegetables. Swing by and say hello if you are in Auckland, it’s a lovely market with lots of local producers.

This recipe can quick and simple if you want to buy the puff pastry or use the recipe below to make your own. The apple crisps are perfect with a morning coffee or for dessert after dinner with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

This is also my submission for Sweet New Zealand, our monthly Kiwi blogging event. This month hosted by Michelle over at Greedy Bread.

3 Braeburn Apples, cored
3 Tbsp Apricot puree/jam
3 Tbsp caster sugar
3 sheets of puff pastry or use recipe below

2 Tbsp butter, melted


Pre-heat oven on fan bake to 200C

Take the pastry sheets or prepared puff pastry and cut round a saucer 6-9 times, re-roll spare pastry.

Place pastry circles on a baking paper on a baking tray.

Spread apricot puree over the circles.

Thinly slice the apple (I use a mandolin) and arrange over the pastry.

Brush the apples with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake for 20 minutes. Liquid will release initially but this will dry and caramelize around the pastry to make them crisp.

Allow to cool on a cooling rack.

Puff Pastry Recipe

250g plain, plus extra for rolling out

250g butter

150ml ice-cold water


Place the flour in a large bowl.

Cut the butter into small cubes.

Using a round-bladed knife, stir the butter into the bowl until each piece is well coated with flour.

Add the iced water and bring everything together into rough dough.

Press the dough flat without kneading and wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 15 minutes to relax and chill. The key with puff pastry is to keep it cool.

Lightly flour a work surface.

Roll the pastry in one direction until it’s about 1cm thick and three times as long as it is wide, or about 45x15cm. Try to keep it as square as possible.

Fold the bottom third of the pastry up, then the top third down.

Turn the dough so that its open edge is facing to the right, like a book.

Roll and fold the pastry again as before. Repeat process two more times (4 in all).

If the pastry gets warm or the butter soft at any point chill it for 10 minutes before continuing.

Chill the finished pastry for an hour, or ideally overnight, before using.

Roll to ¾ cm thick.


Quick Apricot Tart


I’d like to take advantage of the apricots before they start to disappear as we come to a close of the stonefruit season but the the days are whizzing by. Smoothies and quick fruit tarts seem to be the extent of my sweet treats in the past few weeks. It’s been a crazy start to the year, in a good, way with the school being booked up with many groups and full classes but I don’t have the brain space when teaching to think about photography the food we are creating. Might have to recruit someone to capture a few moments at some upcoming classes to share with.

So here is very easy quick apricot tart for those who want a treat but don’t have much time to cook or don’t want to indulge in cooking.

Ingredients-enough for 4
1 sheet of ready rolled puff pastry ( approx 24cm x 24cm)
8 apricots, halved and de-stoned
2 tbsp of ground almonds or hazelnuts
3 tbsp brown sugar

Place sheet of puff pastry on a greaseproof baking sheet.
Sprinkle the ground nuts across the whole sheet of pastry.
Lay the apricots across the puff pastry, 4 across and four down (photo shows 1/4 of tart).
Sprinkle the brown sugar over the apricot halves.
Bake in for 30 minutes or until pastry is puffed and golden.
Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

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