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Rhubarb & Ginger Ice Cream


I have to confess, when making my Rhubarb quinoa crumble last week I already had this ice cream in mind and did a little time saving by roasting a double batch of rhubarb off. I’m all for short cuts particularly if time is limited and it means extra desserts on the table!

Ice cream is really easy to make if you have an ice cream maker. You can make you own custard base, cheat and buy a carton or I have even been know to use Greek yoghurt instead of the custard. Of course Gelato is even easier with its cornflour thickener with no chance of curdling the eggs if you are the impatient type….do I sound like I am speaking from experience?

I highly recommend roasting your rhubarb rather than poaching it as it helps retain the rich red colour. Of course it helps if you start off with a friends home grown crop of ruby red rhubarb which is not always the case with shop bought.

400ml custard (recipe HERE if making your own)
Or 400ml Greek yoghurt (will be tangier but still delicious)
400g Rhubarb (roasting instructions HERE)
100g crystalized/stem ginger, rough chopped

Churn in your ice cream maker as per manufacturers instructions.
Pretty easy hey?
You can make it without a churner but I am not the patient type to keep taking it out of the freezer every 15 minutes and whisking until it is frozen.

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