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Apricot & Mint Smoothies & Ice Pops


The seasonal stone fruit is just perfect at the moment in New Zealand, sweet, juicy and if you live rurally you can pick up a large bag at the street side stalls for just a few dollars. So during this season it is time to take advantage of the abundance of fruit by preserving, poaching and baking them and when you have had enough of that try turning them into smoothies and ice pops. Perfect for kids as a quick treat after school before dinner, nothing in them to spoil their appetite and they have no additional sugar since the apricots are sweet enough, although you could add a dollop of honey to taste if your have a sweet tooth. I find them perfect as a 3pm pick me up in the office, it replaces that chocolate craving I always get and cools the brow during these hot afternoons when you have no air con :o)

You can vary them by replacing the yoghurt and water for any fruit juice, coconut milk or regular milk. For more ideas, Emma over at My Darling Lemon Thymealso bogged about an exotic berry Lassi last week, this is definitely one to try.

If you have a glut of apricots why not make a larger batch of smoothie and freeze down the rest as ice pops. I use my tall shot glasses since I don’t have dedicated ice pop containers and the wooden ice pop sticks are easy to find in the shops.

Ingredients-2 smoothies
4 apricots
small sprig of mint
2 tbsp yoghurt
cup of water, or apple juice if you prefer

Place all the ingredients into a blend and whiz to a smooth drink.
Serve chilled….easy peasy!

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