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Christmas Mince Pie Pops

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As we hurtle towards Christmas I feel like a spectator on the sideline watching everyone in a frenzy of shopping, pre Christmas gatherings, work functions etc. I would normally take part, I love Christmas with it’s trees and decorations, carols, yummy treats and families coming together. This year has been different, I don’t seem to be able to muster the enthusiasm but instead just find myself bobbing along with the flow of things. It’s been an exhausting year, endless travel with quite a stressful and busy job. Making far too many people redundant as the business down sizes only to have my own employment in the balance next year. Keeping positive, perhaps the universe is telling me it’s time for a fresh start, time to do something else? So instead of revving up I find myself slowing down, putting my feet up, taking time out for a lazy surf and chilling at the beach. The Christmas menu hasn’t even been thought of but it will happen…no worries as we say here. Hardly a Christmas treat has graced my ovens let alone my blog (except for the 47 Christmas cakes I have baked and sold but that’s part of a business). As we prepare to kiss 2012 behind and relish new beginnings in 2013 I leave you with a small treat, Christmas Mince Pie Pops.

I first saw pie pops over at Linda’s beautiful blog Call Me Cupcake, only then to find I am so behind and they are common knowledge in other countries. They even have pie pop makers, oh my goodness which rock have I been hiding under! So here is my version of pie pops, filled with a sweet Christmas fruit mince and chocolate. You can use your favourite Christmas pie filling or try mine. My shortcrust pastry has a little more butter in it than the regular half fat to flour. A tip from a French chef I worked with. It guarantees a short crust but if you have ‘hot’ hands’ I recommend you use a food processor for the crumb rather than the old fashioned way. It’ll keep the butter from melting.

So hows your year been and what are you hoping for next year?

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season where ever you are and however you celebrate and I will see you back in 2013!

This is also my submission to our monthly Sweet New Zealand challenge which is hosted this month by Lydia over at Lydia Bakes where you will find a lot more Kiwi sweet treats.

Ingredients – makes 12

300g sweet shortcrust pastry (recipe here)

200g sweet mince pie filling (recipe here)

12 pop sticks (bake proof not plastic)


Pre heat oven to 180C

Roll pastry out to 1/2 cm thick

Using a cookie cutter approx 8cm diametre, cut out 24 pastry rings. Re-roll any bits and pieces to make more circles.

In half the circles cut out a star shape (or whatever mini cutter shape you have) for the lid of the pie.

Take the other half of the circles and place a teaspoon of mincemeat in the centre.

Wet the outer ring with a little water so the base and lid will stick together.

Lay the pop stick half way across the pie and fruit and press slightly into the pastry.

Place the lid on top of the pie and press the edges together, particularly around the pop stick so it will hold when baked.

Place on a 2 non stick trays and bale for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.

Remove from tray when cooled. If any pie filling oozes out onto the tray loosen pie pop from tray before it cools so it doesn’t stick.


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  1. Very cute!

    December 20, 2012
  2. A great idea! I love mince pies and that version is just awesome.



    December 20, 2012
  3. These are so cute! And they look delicious. Happy Holidays!

    December 20, 2012
  4. Brilliant! And a beautiful photo, too.

    December 20, 2012
  5. Now I can imagine myself eating those kind of pops – best ones I’ve seen yet and I do like your post. Merry Christmas – you and I seem to have the same ambivalent idea of Christmas this year x

    December 20, 2012
  6. these are my kind of pops! i love real fruit mince tarts – i am more of a traditonalist than i realise.
    i also love that pretty graphic-floral vase.
    have a lovely restful christmas and see you in the new year XX

    December 20, 2012
    • peasepudding #

      I’ll let you into secret the vase is a bean tin wrapped in pretty paper ;0)

      December 20, 2012
  7. I have seen a few of these pie pops around on blogs recently but hadn’t heard of them before that either.
    I think it has been a stressful year for many but fortunately not too much for me. After six years in a very stressful job, I changed in September last year and life is a lot easier now.
    I hope things work out for your job and that you enjoy your Christmas break.

    December 21, 2012
  8. Alli – I hope that you manage lots more surfing and chilling and feel refreshed for 2013. Happy holidays.

    December 22, 2012
    • peasepudding #

      Thanks Julie, the surf has been amazing this Christmas even if the weather hasn’t!

      December 28, 2012
  9. Oh I’m kinda with you, I really don’t have the energy this year… but alas the show must go on! Wishing you a happy and relaxed holidays Alli xx

    December 22, 2012
  10. Lovely recipe and beautiful photography! I look forward to what you dish up in 2013! Have a wonderful holiday season!

    December 22, 2012
    • peasepudding #

      Thanks Tessa, hope you have a great festive season also. Feet up for a bit and back to blogging in The New Year.

      December 28, 2012
  11. One word! Amazing.
    This will be the next pop’s sensation!
    Anyways have a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    December 23, 2012
  12. New Yorker Chic #

    Love this post!! The photos are amazing.

    If you’re interested in NYC Dining, feel free to check out my blog at, tons of restaurant reviews from the perspective of a NYU student!

    December 23, 2012
  13. Never heard of piepops either! Pop tarts yes!! Merry Christmas Alli hope it all went smoothly and you felt a little Christmas cheer or a least got a surf in on Christmas morning!! I wasn’t really feeling it either but yesterday was fun, we made beef wellington for the first time (I know a vegetarian making beef wellington!) that was scary and a bit stressful not knowing if it was cooked! Veggie food is so much easier 😉 My friend is going to NZ in Feb, wish I was going too so we could meet 😦 maybe one day!!

    December 26, 2012
    • peasepudding #

      Wow, I can’t believe you cooked beef Wellington, your such a great host. Lucky friend coming to NZ in Feb, the weather will be perfect, just warming up now. Hope you get to come one day, we can save you the accommodation cost :0)

      December 28, 2012
  14. Season’s Greetings! What a lovely and presentation of mince pies. I know exactly what you mean about the frantic pace of Christmas…..I try not to get too caught up in it but sometimes the surrounding energy pulls you into the chaos.

    December 28, 2012

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